Caramel, Maple, Meat

Ok, I’m not sure what is happening this week, but I keep getting startled every time I catch a side view of myself in the mirror. There has been a really sudden belly reduction! It’s in the region between the waist and hips, so not a place I measure, but who needs a measuring tape when I have functional eyeballs? This is very encouraging!

I did C25k week 2 day 2 today.  Today was easier than yesterday, with none of that uncomfortable zone-out autopilot thing happening.  I can feel the change this is having on my body.  I’ll have to fit the third day for this week in on Thursday or Friday.  I’ll be pretty busy with holiday stuff & family time, but I do want to make sure to get this in because I think these workouts are having a dramatic effect.

The arm, butt, and thigh challenges are getting hard! I may not be able to continue increasing as quickly as the calendar says to, but we’ll see. I got today’s done, but barely!

The day was on track in terms of food.

For breakfast I had a mini pita with lots of hummus and a maple yogurt. 10 Points Plus.

Followed by a raspberry tea, 3 Points Plus.

Just a kind bar with a caramel for late lunch, because I wanted a big dinner. Lunch was 8 Points Plus.

In the afternoon I gave in to my sweet tooth and had three rolos (caramel-filled chocolates) for 2 Points Plus.

Dinner was a Big Philly Cheesesteak salad with ranch dressing from Subway, 14 Points Plus.

And a venti caramel macchiato for dessert, 8 Points Plus.

That brought the day’s total to 45/41 Points Plus, covered by weekly points. We got about 45 minutes of walking in on this little fast food hopping expedition.

I’d call this day a success!

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    1. Weight Watchers. I get 41/day (will go down as I lose weight), 49 more to divide over the course of a week, and can earn more by exercising. I find it easier than counting calories for some reason.

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