It fit!

I was extra hungry at breakfast. Two mini pitas with tons of hummus, 12 Points Plus.

I’ve had some Honest teas in the house staring me down since before I started Weight Watchers.  I’ve been avoiding them because they’re sweetened with sugar but today I found out that a raspberry one is only 3 Points Plus, and today it seemed completely worth it.


Late lunch/early dinner of a Subway double chicken salad with mozzarella and Subway vinegarette, 10 Points Plus.

A Luna bar in the afternoon, 5 Points Plus.


And in the evening, a giant bowl of popcorn with butter, 15 Points Plus.

That brought the day’s total to 45/41 Points Plus, covered with weekly points.

For exercise today, there was a bit of walking and my arm, butt & thigh challenges.

I also had a significant non-scale victory: I tried on an outfit that had been too tight for a long time, and it fell right on. Like, I think it was looser than when I used to wear it regularly!  It felt so good to see such tangible proof of progress.

Carrying on!

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