C25k Week One, Day 3

Hi, guys!

A quick Luna bar breakfast, 5 Points Plus, then it was time for some exercise.

C25k day 3 went incredibly well. The chimes indicating that I should switch from jogging back to running seemed to come very quickly. I think I’ll actually be ready to start week 2 on Tuesday. I felt so great afterward, like every cell in my body was dancing. This is not a feeling that I have experienced before. I even Googled “runner’s high” to see if that’s what I was experiencing, but apparently it wasn’t.  All I know is that I want more, and it’s going to be hard to wait until Tuesday for the next session!  I’m going to wait though, because I can tell that my feet and knees need a day off to recover. In a way I wish I had done this years ago, but in fact I know that I have tried more than once before, and that I wasn’t ready at those times. Now I’m ready, and it has been a beautiful experience.

I did have to go out for some errands so I got another 38 minutes of walking in.

While I was at the drug store some cherry Greek yogurt caught my eye, as did an Honest tea flavor I hadn’t tried before. Lunch total: 5 Points Plus.

This is hibiscus tea with pomegranate and blueberry flavor. Quite nice.  I only noticed that the yogurt was fat free once I got home. I usually find dairy fat totally worth it, but being fat free knocked 3 Points Plus off of my expected count for the yogurt, so that made it worthwhile, and the sweetness of the cherries partially compensated for the reduced creaminess. It was tasty, but I think my heart still belongs to full fat dairy. However, that is a lot of food for two Points Plus, and I consider this a good trick to have up my sleeve for when I need it.

A mini pita with hummus in the afternoon, 5 Points Plus.

And later, a maple yogurt with a Kind bar, 11 Points Plus. Dairy fat at last! (And it was cream top. Uh huh. I think that’s extra fat. Or maybe just nonhomogenized fat. Whatever. Is creamy.)

In the early evening I did my 30 day arm, butt, and thigh challenges. I have to say, the difficulty has really ramped up on these. They are kicking my butt (and arms and thighs), but the results don’t lie: these things are effective.  In addition  to a notable change in size and jiggliness of the aforementioned areas, I think that these butt & thigh exercises may go a long way toward explaining why c25k has been so much easier this time than in the past.

Dinner was Taco Bell, a smothered shredded chicken burrito, no sour cream, for 16 Points Plus.

This day has left me feeling that I’ve made a lot of progress on the food front. Yes, I ate Taco Bell for dinner, and yes, I’ve even had fast food several times this week. However, I used to eat a lot more than this when I got dinner from Taco Bell, and that would have been after eating a lot during the day as well.  It’s really different now. Today I knew a big dinner was coming and I planned for it all day by spacing out small servings of food to keep me full on less until dinner came.  This is a totally alien way of thinking for me and I’m still getting used to it, but it’s happening.  Now if I can just make sure to be so careful more often! Progress.

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