I’m So Fat That I Can Eat Like This and Still Lose Weight…So Yay?

I was not feeling well today and I was super hungry. Long story short, I had the points and I used them.

Breakfast: mini pita with hummus and peaches canned in juice, drained, 5 Points Plus


Midmorning: Kind bar w/ vanilla yogurt, 10 Points Plus


For lunch I had some homemade white turkey chili w/ shredded mozzarella and sour cream, for 10 Points Plus, then another half portion for another 5 Points Plus.

And in the afternoon, omg I totally did: 7 Points Plus.


Around 3:00 I got a massive protein craving, so I had another cup of turkey chili w/ no toppings for 6 Points Plus.


In the late afternoon the sweet tooth struck again.  I had three sandwich cookies and then three more. Yeah…12 Points Plus.

For dinner I had another bowl of turkey chili. No pic, you guys know what it looks like by now! 9 Points Plus

Thats 64/41 Points Plus for food today, covered by activity points. That’s the part of the formula that my glib title left out. I can only eat like this while still losing weight because I busted my butt exercising this week.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I’m finishing the week with just a few activity points to spare, but hey, that’s what they’re there for. Despite all the craziness this week, I’ve actually stayed on plan, so here’s hoping for a good result!

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