I’ll have to exercise in a non-video game format? Gulp.

I was craving protein in the morning, so for breakfast I had some leftover chicken cutlet with 4 Tbsp. hummus on top, for 8 Points Plus.

Mmmmmm, beige.

Then I got on the Wii to get some exercise in for the day, when I got a very bad error message. A bit of googling reveals that this particular error message means that it’ll have to be sent in and repaired for $90. Bummer. I might get that done eventually, but now is not the right time, because yesterday while I was busy also not exercising I ordered a Fitbit zip and I don’t want to get too crazy with the fitness gadget budget. I hope to do a lot of walking in the fall, and I wanted to get the Fitbit because I think it will convert my walking into Weight Watchers activity points more accurately and without me having to keep checking the times whenever I leave or arrive at a destination.  I should figure out what to do about the Wii situation by winter, but for now I’ll stick to my arm, butt, and thigh challenges, walking, and maybe some exercise videos from YouTube.

So instead of exercising, I plopped on the couch with some walnuts and maple yogurt, 9 Points Plus.

In the late morning a diet Snapple, zero Points Plus.

And the single grossest Snapple cap ever:


I had some inappropriate dietary plans for the evening, so for lunch I went with arugula with oil and vinegar, and some peaches canned in juice, drained, 1 Point Plus.  Hey, look, it’s my first non-beige food of the day!


In the afternoon I did my arm, butt, and thigh challenges for 1 activity point, then had 2 Claey’s root beer hard candies for 1 Point Plus.


I wanted to do some walking to make up for the nonstarter on the Wii fit this morning, but it was a rainy, mildly stormy afternoon, so not the best day for pleasure walking. However, i did get 20 minutes of walking in while I was out doing errands, for 2 activity points.

Dinner was going to be late tonight, so I had a mini pita with some hummus to hold me over, 4 Points Plus.

And a diet soda, zero Points Plus.


My big, inappropriate dinner was 23 Points Plus, pizza and two pieces of cheesebread (not shown).  

That makes the day’s total 46/41 Points Plus, with the excess covered by activity points.

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