The Couch, The Snacks, and The Game Afoot

After all that walking around yesterday we were ready for a day on the couch. We’ve been binge watching Elementary on Hulu lately. It’s really great. It’s a modern version of Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock has relocated to NYC, is working with NYPD, and Watson is a lady.  Highly recommended for grown-ups only.

Before we got underway I did my leg, butt, and arm challenges and earned my only activity point for the day.

Then we had brunch on the couch. I had a turkey blt with some chips, for 18 Points Plus 

I could tell it was going to be a snacky knd of day, so my daughter and I took some time to cut up a giant bowl o’ veg, into which I duly dove, for zero Points Plus.  

But a little something sweet was in order. Two Claey’s root beer hard candy for 1 Point Plus.


And eventually some chips with cottage cheese entered the picture, 9 Points Plus.


Then…wellllll…. three oreos with 1/2 cup of milk, 7 Points Plus.    

As I said, it’s quite a snacky day! On the other hand, I can’t remember any other time when I’ve eaten only three oreos. Honestly, even this is progress. (And plenty of points/still on plan, etc.)

Dinner was sushi and chicken negimaki, 17 Points Plus.


The day’s totals: 51/41 Points Plus, all covered with weekly/activity points.  Weigh in in two days!

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