Changing Weigh In Day

I have seen a ton of people recommending/explaining why they like Fridays as their Weight Watchers online weigh in day, and it makes a lot of sense so I decided to take the plunge and switch my weigh in day to Friday as well.

For me, I feel like it will kill two birds with one stone because:

  • I tend to eat more on Fridays & the weekends.
  • I tend to eat more on weigh in day and the day following, because I have a lot of Weekly Points “burning a hole in my pocket.”

Maybe if Fridays and Saturdays are the day of and the day after weigh in, I’ll have less overall high point days so that I won’t be digging so far into my activity points by the time I get to the end of the weigh-in week.

When I changed it, my weight was  288.6, only .4 down from last week.  Still, it’s moving in the right direction!

Also, if you’re thinking of switching days, don’t worry, the app allots you a prorated amount of weekly points for the transition, you won’t have to starve for those few days!

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