Weight Loss Milestones I’m Looking Forward To (a.k.a. I Made a Pretty Table)

I’ve written before about how I’m not a very goal-oriented dieter. I don’t work out with visions of a certain number dancing in my head, and I don’t resist an ice cream sandwich because a certain number is taking longer to reach than I had hoped. I am simply interested in seeing progress. That said, there are some numbers that carry more meaning for me, and I think that crossing them would be quite thrilling.

The first is still 39 pounds away, but after that they seem to pop up quite frequently.


The other numbers-based milestones I’m looking forward to involve waist circumference.

  • Women whose waist circumference is higher than 35 inches are at increased risk for obesity-related health problems.
  • Women whose waist circumference is higher than 30 inches can’t buy all the cute clothes I keep seeing and really want to buy! :-p
  • My current waist measurement is 48″ so I’m looking at losing over 1/3 of my waist circumference in order to be able to buy pretty much whatever dress I want.  Haha, being real.  Anyway, if that happens it’ll be years from now.  For now I’m just glad that sometimes when I wake up my body sometimes seems to have eaten off a layer around my waist or hips or thighs, and it’s thrilling every time.

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