Weekly Weigh In #9

I can’t believe this. I double checked it because after this crazy week I didn’t believe it could be true. Only it was! Somehow, by some miracle, I lost 1.8 Pounds last week!  

This brings my weight to 289.0, and my total loss to date to 14 pounds. I really, really want to lose at least a pound next week so I can cross the 15 pound mark, because humans are ridiculous creatures who have a weird preference for numbers divisible by five.

I know I would have lost more if I hadn’t used my activity points, but I have to say that in retrospect it seems like it was the right choice. That food kept me satisfied without going off plan, and may have been the difference between finding this diet unsustainable, and giving me the boost I needed to start the next week out strong.  I have to make this about progress and sustainability; it is not a race.

My favorite reason for being g absolutely astonished that I lost weight this week.

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