Why I Decided Against Weight Loss Surgery

About a year ago my sister, younger by five years, the one who had always been the pretty, skinny one, told me that she was beginning the preparations to have a gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. It was true that she had gained weight over the years, but she was smaller than me, and it […]

No Cake

Well, I didn’t exercise today as I was trying to give my ankle a break. The good news is that it’s feeling better and I hope that after a day or two I’ll be back in the game. Breakfast today was a mini pita with extra hummus and an orange, 5 Weight Watchers Points Plus. […]

Proceeding with the Process

It was the last day of my family’s four day weekend and I had plans for some naughty food later in the day, so I started my morning with a breakfast of apples, for zero Weight Watchers Points Plus.   We were having a lazy tv day, so at lunch time we had some lazy […]

Back on Track 

My primary dietary goal from 6 AM to 6 PM today was to make sure I had enough Weight Watchers Points Plus left over to have Taco Bell and cake this evening. So committed was I to this noble endeavor that I willingly consumed fat free dairy this morning.  Breakfast: fat free cherry greek yogurt […]

The day I Did Not Say No

After my relieving weigh in today (2.6 pounds lost) I was assigned a new daily Weight Watchers Points Plus allowance. The new number is 40, with 49 additional points to divide over the course of a week.  I’m really lucky that my week reset today because yesterday was a big point day, and today was […]

Weekly Weigh In #12

I will confess that I was nervous about having my weigh in the morning after a huge dinner, and cookies, and a day of almost no exercise.  I even thought about not weighing myself until tomorrow. But I stepped on the scale just to see what I was avoiding, and was surprised to see good […]

Eid Al-Adha at Home, on Weight Watchers 

Eid mubarak to those who are celebrating today.   Today we had a tiny Eid celebration with just my husband, myself, and my daughter. The big family gathering is tomorrow at a restaurant, then back here for cake and tea. Luckily my husband recently started Weight Watchers as well, so he didn’t mind that I […]

Just the Foods, Ma’am

Today’s breakfast was a turkey BLT with a raspberry tea, 15 Weight Watchers Points Plus.   2 caramels for a mid morning snack, 4 Points Plus.  And for lunch, 3 inches of leftover tuna sub, plus an apple, 6 Points Plus.    In the afternoon I did my arm, butt, and thigh challenges and got […]

Caramel, Maple, Meat

Ok, I’m not sure what is happening this week, but I keep getting startled every time I catch a side view of myself in the mirror. There has been a really sudden belly reduction! It’s in the region between the waist and hips, so not a place I measure, but who needs a measuring tape […]