Lazy Saturday 

The day started with some exercise; the rest was spent in total laziness.  

I got 2 hours in on the Wii Fit Plus, for 12 activity points and 825 calories burned. 

I refreshed with a Vitaminwater zero for zero Points Plus.


For lunch I used 20 Points Plus for pizza and ranch dip.  

And lunch dessert, a Luna protein bar, 5 Points Plus.


Clementines in the afternoon, zero Points Plus.


A diet Snapple for zero Points Plus.

“This Snapple cap is fascinating, Captain.”

For dinner I had my fourth turkey BLT in a week. I just don’t get tired of these! I had it with chips for 19 Points Plus. (I had some of the chips with dinner and some later in the evening.)  

And dinner dessert, 2 Points Plus 

Finally, an evening snack, peaches and pears canned in juice, zero Points Plus.

 Daily Points Plus allowance: 41

Points Plus used today: 46

Weekly Points Used today: 5

Activity Points used today: 1

Activity Points earned today: 12

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