The Day I Used TWICE My Points Plus

I had such a huge appetite today.  But I also had a ton of weekly points left over and it’s Friday so I didn’t put up much resistance.

My husband picked up bagels from the deli for breakfast  and they sounded really good, but I’ve pretty much decided that turkey BLTs are going to be my almost-always bagel replacement, so I asked him to bring me one of those instead. Not that it’s any kind of sacrifice! 9 Points Plus worth of nom.  

I guess that sounds very healthy and responsible, but while he was out, this happened: 6 Points Plus of “Why did I do this?”. 
Then later in the morning, 4 Points Plus of “Oh no, incorrect, wrong!”. 

I do not know why I crave this stuff. Maybe I’m craving a lot of carbs because I’ve been exercising a lot. Anyway, I’m being gentle with myself.  I’m still on program, and as my daily Points Plus allotment shrinks these habits will gradually get cleaned up.  

I had a killer workout on the Wii Fit Plus today. I did 2 1/2 hours, earning 15 activity points and burning 1098 calories. Oh yeah, babe!  I need to burn about 1200 more before Tuesday to reach my goal of burning 3500 calories on the Wii for the week.   

After that, I had a big lunch for 22 Points Plus. This was a can of Annie’s cheesy ravioli with 3/4 cup of full fat shredded cheese and another ounce of Doritos. 


I had an afternoon snack of seven star gummies for 4 Points Plus.

Then for dinner a 14 Points Plus mish mash of corn, refried beans, and broken-up Tostitos remnants.


Late evening snack, 5 Points Plus.

Nighttime munchies. I didn’t eat the crusts and ended up not using the dip: 18 Points Plus 

Yeah…Not the best, but not off plan. 

Daily Points Plus allotment: 41

Points Plus used today: 84

Weekly points used today: 43

Activity points earned today: 15

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  1. That pizza looks amazing! And those ‘refried beans’. I’m based in the UK so I don’t get to eat these as often as I would like – I’ll look up a recipe! x

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