Daily Points Plus allotment: 41

Points Plus used today: 41

Activity Points earned today: 11

I had such a sweet tooth today.

The day started pretty reasonably.  I had the leftover half of my Taco Bell chicken quesadilla with a Vitamin Water Zero for 7 Points Plus.  

A few hours later the sweet tooth appeared, and I had four star gummies for 2 Points Plus.  

But the sugar demon wasn’t through with me yet. The drug store across the street sells these caramels 3/$1.00 right by the register and I rarely escape that place without buying three. Notice how many I ate? That’s right, all of them. I ATE ALL THE CARAMELS, for 5 Points Plus.

To be fair, I’ve never found caramels to not be worth it.

Until that point I hadn’t decided whether I was going to exercise today or be lazy because my legs were still a little sore from walking around yesterday.  The caramels convinced me to exercise.

I did 90 minutes on the Wii fit (Big Top Juggling with and without dumbbells and Advanced Step, burning 579 calories and earning 9 Activity Points

Lunch was my old standby: a can of Annie’s cheesy ravioli with 1/4 cup of full fat shredded cheese, 12 Points Plus

Then more sweet tooth, omg. I had 2 peanut butter cups for 5 Points Plus

Late afternoon, seriously, two more candies, another 1 Points Plus. 

That’s right. I used 13 Points Plus for candy today.  Yeah… 😐  But in the end it worked out, because dinner was a 9 Points Plus turkey blt w/ no mayo. 

And I earned another 2 activity points walking to the playground and to the deli to pick up that sandwich.

After all that, I squeaked in at 41 points again, right on target. 👍

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