American Girl Cafe on Weight Watchers 

My friend and I took our daughters to the American Girl store and cafe as a special end-of-summer treat.  The cafe is really fun for girls because they make everything cute and girlish and they have these special little doll chairs that hook up to the table so the girls can enjoy the meal with their dolls.  I knew this would be a high point meal, but if I calculated correctly it wasn’t actually too bad!

In the morning I just had a couple of hard candies to hold me over until lunch, for 1 Points Plus.  

When we sat down to lunch they gave us mini cinnamon rolls. This was maybe 1 1/4 inches across. I counted it as 2 Points Plus


Next they brought out a tray of finger foods. The grapes and baby carrot were no points. I counted the tiny piece of soft pretzel and super tiny muffin (like smaller than a mini muffin) as 1 point each.  The dip was cheese dip but it was way less than an ounce so I didn’t think it was worth a point.  I had iced tea to which I added 1 Tbsp. sugar for another point.

3 Points Plus    

For the main course I thought I’d be good and order the Asian salad, but when I looked at the menu I was surprised to find that the dish I really wanted, the baked chicken tenders with a side of mac & cheese, had 90 fewer calories (710 vs. 800).  I used the deck of cards=3 oz of meat and a fist = 1 cup to calculate that these chicken tenders were about a 5 oz. portion, and this was about 1/2 cup of mac & cheese. Along with the condiments the main course rang in at 16 Points Plus by my best estimate. 

Then for dessert I left the chocolate mousse and just ate this cute cute cute cupcake, for 5 Points Plus.   So that whole meal out, which I was afraid I’d use all my daily points plus some weeklies on, turned out to be only 26 Points Plus! Still a big meal, but not what I had feared.  And that meant that I was even able to have dinner tonight: half a chicken quesadilla and meximelt from Taco Bell, along with a diet soda, for 14 Points Plus.   

I can’t believe I made it through the day without even dipping into weekly points!  It feels like a big victory.

As for activity points, even though we were walking most of the day, I only counted the 40 minutes of purposeful walking to and from the train, for 4 activity points. Hopefully the uncounted walking will balance out any misguestimation in the lunch points.

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