Sticking With It

Daily Points Plus Allotment: 41

Points Plus used today: 43

Weekly points used today: 2

Activity Points earned today: 10

I’ve been waking up with protein cravings these days. I’m going to go ahead and consider that a good thing. I fed the need this morning by eating the bbq chicken wrap I’d planned to have for lunch for breakfast  instead, leaving part of the wrap behind: 12 Points Plus

Then it was time for this:

It’s arm day. haha
I never thought that I’d be trying to find a way to make more work for myself, but here I am, and these Wii dumbbells  were just the ticket.

I did an hour of Advanced Step (dumbbells not involved) and half an hour of Big Top Juggling with the dumbbells attached. Then I learned that “feel the burn” is not a figure of speech. I felt the burn. “The burn” is a real thing that exists and I felt it!

These dumbbells added a lot to the workout. My only complaint is that they’re slightly awkward to hold. Still, worth it!

Finally I did ten more minutes of the juggling without the dumbbells.

The Wii says I burned 676 calories. I’d like to make it a weekly goal to burn 3,500 calories on the Wii Fit Plus.  This was a good start for the new week. 

Lots of water and a Luna bar, 5 Points Plus.

Then working-on-the-computer fuel, aka diet cherry Pepsi, zero Points Plus.

For lunch I wanted to have some tortellini with crushed tomatoes, but I didn’t want to use too many points so I just used less tortellini and boiled it in chicken stock with the tomatoes, so instead of a tiny dish of tortellini I was able to have a big bowl of soup for the same 8 Points Plus. (This is about equal parts stock/cooked tortellini/tomatoes.) 

I wanted something sweet in the afternoon, and went for a couple of root beer hard candies for 1 Points Plus.

In the late afternoon I was so hungry and I really wanted a Luna bar, but it’s early in the week, I had a 17 point dinner planned, and I have plans to eat lunch out tomorrow so I really thought it would be better to go with an orange for 0 Points Plus than a Luna bar for 5.

Sweet, juicy compromise 
I was still hungry so I had another, for 0 more points. The zero point fruit and veg really do make the seemingly impossible, possible.

At this point I realized that I’d eaten 26 Points Plus so far for the day.  Twenty-six points happens to be the smallest daily point allotment, for women who are close to their goal weight.  I thought it would be an interesting exercise to look over what I’d eaten today to see where I would have made cuts if I had to stick to 26 points a day.  I decided that for this particular day, my best bets would have been to leave about 1/3 of the chicken wrap, and to have less tortellini in the soup, maybe replacing some of them with with chopped veggies like onion, celery, and carrot.  In reality I doubt that I’ll ever really have to stick to 26 points a day, because I’ll probably always end up using a few weekly points, and I doubt that at that point I’ll be leaving activity points unused at the end of the week either!

For dinner we had frozen chicken pot pies. This is comfort food for me, and was well worth its 17 Points Plus.


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