Crushing It

Daily Points Plus allotment: 42

Points Plus used today: 48

Weekly points used today: 6

Activity Points earned today: 8

Breakfast: Luna bar 5 Points Plus   On to the workout. I decided that I was going to finish my 3500 calories burned on the Wii Fit Plus and if that delayed the housework a bit, so be it. 

I needed to burn 520 calories; I burned 545.  And I felt like a  I did 30 minutes of Big Top Juggling and 50 minutes of Advanced Step, earning 8 activity points.  That’s 42 for the week so far. Tomorrow is the last day and I won’t earn many, just a couple for walking.  I feel really good about this, and the exercise feels great, but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to continue finding this much time.  I’ll do what I can.

I guess I worked up quite an appetite because afterward all I could think about was  Then I had a second one for a total of 9 Points Plus

0 Points Plus

For lunch, cheese tortellini with (lots of) crushed tomatoes, 13 Points Plus This tortellini was quite a hurdle for me.  This portion was 1/2 the pack.  I felt an overwhelming urge to just eat the whole thing.  But I knew about my dinner plans, and more importantly, I realized that the only way to get used to eating smaller portion sizes is to do it consistently. So I put the other half away for another time, poured on some extra tomatoes, and ate.  It may not have been enough for my mouth, but it was enough for my stomach.  And I felt like I’d accomplished something big.
A diet soda in the afternoon.  And for dinner, a shredded chicken smothered burrito without the sour cream from Taco Bell, for 16 Points Plus.

After dinner I was still very hungry, so I had another Luna bar for dessert, even though I had to use 5 weekly points for it.

That brought me to 48 Points Plus for the day; not bad!

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