The Day I Stuck to My Points Plus Exactly (Though Not Ideally)

Daily Points Plus Allotment: 42 

Points Plus used today: 42

Activity Points earned today: 12

Salty, creamy, protein crunch:  11 Points Plus  

Sweet & creamy fiber mush: 12 Points Plus 

An orange. (0 Points Plus) 

More: 6 Points Plus.   

Mooooar: 5 Points Plus  

Sweet: 5 Points Plus 

Bubbles: 0 Points Plus  

It wasn’t all bad! I did an hour of Big Top Juggling and an hour of Advanced Step on the Wii Fit Plus, earning 12 Activity Points.  The Wii Fit Plus’s calorie calculator says that I burned 828 calories today and 2,980 calories since my last weigh-in.  I’d like to be able to get that total up to 3,500 for the week (the number of calories in one pound of fat), even though I realize that that’s kind of arbitrary and the numbers aren’t totally accurate and all that. My life is going to get a lot busier once the school year starts, and I doubt that I’ll be able to keep up these types of numbers after that, but if it helps me knock off a few pounds in the meantime, that’s great.  Anyway, there are two days left in my weight loss week, but I have a lot of housework to do tomorrow and I’m going to be out during the day on Monday so it will actually be a bit of a challenge to squeeze in.  I’m going to try, though!

Since I’ve been doing a lot of the juggling game I decided to order some dumbells that attach to the wiimote in order to kick it up a notch. They’re only 1.7 pounds each, but it seems like they’ll add some benefit.

I wasn’t very hungry and I only had 4 Points Plus left for the day, so I decided to drink my dinner tonight, for 4 Points Plus

I’m not thrilled about the chips and ice cream today, but in the end they did help me stick to my Points Plus allotment. Bit by bit!

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