Planning Ahead for Success

Daily Points Plus allotment: 42

Points used today: 45

Weekly Points used: 3

Activity points earned: 11
I was up before the crack of dawn this morning having

Breakfast: chocolate dipped coconut Luna bar: 5 Points Plus 


I had plans to meet a friend at Starbucks tonight, so I scheduled my usual drink in the Weight Watchers app and found that I had 25 points to use for the rest of the day if I wanted to avoid getting into my weekly points.  This is a strategy I try to use whenever I know a point-heavy event is coming at the end of a day or week. Better for me not to even see those points in the “available” column if I already know how they’re going to be used.  If I have a change of plans these entries can always be edited later.

Later in the morning my daughter was snacking on seaweed and she gave me 2 sheets, 0 Points Plus.

I also had some cotton candy grapes, also 0 Points Plus.

I had never heard of cotton candy grapes before, but Fresh Direct was having a special where you could get them free with purchase, so it was a great chance to give them a try.  

I thought “cotton candy” just meant that they would be really sweet, but when I opened the bag I couldn’t believe it: out wafted the unmistakable aroma of cotton candy! I just started cracking up. When I tasted one I was even more astonished. They tasted like cotton candy flavored grapes. After awhile the flavor started to seem a bit pinelike.  It was definitely nothing like any other grape I have tasted!  I don’t think I’ll switch to these from my usual red grapes, but I will definitely keep them in mind for surprising guests, especially children.

After that I did an hour of Wii Fit Plus for 6 activity points (21 minutes of Training Plus games and 40 minutes of Advanced Step), then had an early lunch of two soft boiled eggs on a toasted Arnold Select multigrain kaiser roll with a tablespoon of butter, and a diet Snapple for a total of 12 Points Plus.


The eggs were a little under, but still quite tasty.
That brings us to 11:30 AM when I was slightly nervous to find that I was down to 13 Points Plus for the next 9 hours, at which time the frappuccinos were to commence.

And yet I was still  hungry, so I went for a Luna protein bar for 5 points plus.  It may seem like I should have rationed my points a bit, but I’ve already learned that if I use my points when I’m hungry, I’m generally not as hungry later.  For me it’s better in the long run to not even try spreading out the points evenly throughout the day. I use them when I need to use them. So:


In the afternoon I did 30 minutes of Big Top Juggling on the Wii Fit Plus for another 3 activity points.

I had an early dinner of leftover soup topped with cottage cheese for 11 Points Plus and was absolutely stuffed.   

It was a ten minute walk each way to Starbucks, so I earned another 2 activity points.  

The only problem was that I was so happy to see my friend and my grande caramel frappuccino with whole milk and whipped cream (12 Points Plus) that I forgot to snap a photo. Oops!

And when I got home I unwound on the couch with a 0 Points Plus diet soda.


Moar caffeine!
I ended up using only 3 weekly points for the day. Not bad!

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