On Not Becoming an Angel Overnight

Someone might look at this “diet” blog and think “Is this chick serious? What’s she doing with all that aspartame, pizza, chocolate, and chips? Doesn’t she know that stuff’s unhealthy? Guffaw.”  That’s true, of course. But do you know what else is unhealthy? Weighing in the neighborhood of 300 pounds.  It seems to me that right now the most important thing to do for my health is to lose weight, and if Taco Bell and frappuccinos help me stick to an appropriate amount of food intake while celery and fat free dairy would send me running (or, let’s be honest, riding) for the hills and into the arms of Ricemound McEateverythinginsight, guess which one is better for me at this point?

I am using the Weight Watchers Points Plus system, which is a little more nuanced than counting calories, but the results are the same: my nutritional intake is limited to an amount that will allow me to lose weight, and as I do, the amount  will decrease accordingly.  I try to make sure I get some protein and veggies in, but at this point it’s no big deal for me if those protein and veggies come in fast food form, as long as the portions are correct.   And as my fast food burritos do their dual jobs of keeping me satisfied while also providing me with the correct quantity of nutrition, my daily point allotment will be gradually decreasing, and my food choices gradually transforming to conform to the new point allotment.

In the past I have lost a lot of weight on low carb diets. I’d cut out bread, rice, and anything sweetened either naturally or artificially. I once lost fifty pounds this way in a few months.  Then I became overwhelmed with the need for grains, for sugar, for everything I loved and had been denying myself as though it were my religion.  Guess what? I’d lost fifty pounds. Fifty pounds, and I still weighed 250. It was completely depressing, and more depressing still was that soon after falling off the wagon I’d gained it all back.

I expect for it to take years, three years if I’m lucky, for me to lose the extra 170 pounds I’ve been carrying around. A plan that I can only stick to for six months isn’t going to cut it.  You know what might? A diet Snapple, which contains aspartame but also satisfies my sweet tooth without introducing a single calorie into my system. When I’m thin I can worry about the dangers of aspartame. Right now, I’m more concerned with the dangers of being morbidly obese.  Heck, I’m so obese that you could take my extra weight alone and make another obese person out of it. I know myself well enough to know that if I try to be perfect I will find it impossible, and will fail. What I really need to focus on is not becoming instantly perfect,  but on progressing, and as long as that is happening, I feel great.  And by the way, it is happening.

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  1. I’m so glad you’re making progress! One thing with the artificial sweeteners though- health risks aside, some people find that they actually increase hunger pangs, and make weight loss takes longer. If this doesn’t happen for you, that’s awesome, but if it does, you might be better off with unsweetened tea!

    1. True, but if calories in are being limited it isn’t really a concern. I think it would only matter if it caused uncontrollable hunger that caused the calorie limits to be broken.

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