La Tua Cantante

Daily Points Plus allotment: 42 Points Plus

Points used today: 47

Weekly Points used: 5

Activity Points earned today: 11

Today is my “day off.” Not off plan! No way! It’s my day off of mom duty.  My daughter is spending the day at her grandmother’s house, then my husband is joining them for dinner after work. I love days like this. As much as I love my family, I am extremely introverted and I really need to have time to myself in order to recharge.

I woke up with some pretty extreme protein cravings, and I knew I had an extra container of Fresh Direct oregano lime chicken in the refrigerator. Once I remembered that, I started to feel like a vampire about to feast.  Maybe I’m growing some muscles💪?


  • 7 oz. Fresh Direct oregano lime chicken: 10 Points Plus
  • 7 oz. Fage full fat Greek yogurt: 7 Points Plus
  • Diet Mountain Dew: 0 Points Plus

Breakfast Total: 17 Points Plus


Me, halfway through the heating process: “That’s probably hot enough!” I have seriously never wanted to scarf protein like this!

After a bit of the three r’s (reading, writing, and relaxation) I did an hour and 50 minutes of Wii Fit Plus for a total of 11 activity points, and settled down for a snack: a Cara Cara orange for 0 Points Plus.


In the afternoon I made myself a little dish of seven Rolo minis (3 Points Plus) to sit next to me and nibble on while I did some work on the computer.


Dinner was 1 1/2 cups of cheese tortellini tossed with butter, and 2 portobello mushroom caps stuffed with spinach, artichoke, and parmesan: 22 Points Plus.


I was still pretty hungry, so I had a Luna protein bar for dessert, 5 Points Plus.


I’d call this day a success!

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