Technically, This is Allowed

WW Points Plus allotment: 42

Points Plus used today: 48

Weekly Points used today: 6

Well, I discovered an interesting line in my programming today. Apparently, if there is leftover pizza in the fridge, I will eat it for breakfast.


  • 2 slices Papa John’s pizza, veggies and four cheese blend, no crusts: 14 Points Plus
  • Diet Mountain Dew: 0 points plus.

Breakfast Total: 14 Points Plus 
I guess now is a good time to explain why I’m keeping this blog. I’m not under the impression that I’m some sort of diet role model. I’m just recording my experience, honestly and accurately. And because I’m keeping it real, I’m going to admit here that something stressful happened a couple of hours later, and I comforted myself with food for the first time since I started this diet.

Snack for the wrong reasons:

7 rolo minis: 3 Points Plus   


The good news is that I’m up and around, able to walk around the apartment without crutches, though still with some discomfort. It will still probably be a few days before I’m ready to pound the pavement, but by tomorrow I expect to be ready to get back to cooking and some amount of housework.

Snack for the right reasons:

1 Cara Cara orange: 0 Points Plus

Sometime in my twenties I lost my taste for oranges. They just always seemed to be too sour. But Cara Cara oranges are just sooooo sweet and juicy. I have never tasted a sour one.

I don’t really ever get tired of them, so after awhile:

Second verse, same as the first:

1 Cara Cara orange: 0 Points Plus  


2 slices Papa John’s pizza, veggies and 4 cheese blend, no crusts: 14 Points Plus 


And in the afternoon:

Vitamin Water Zero: 0 Points Plus 


2 Potato Chips: 1 Points Plus 



Subway Big Philly Cheesesesteak salad with red wine vinegarette: 9 Points Plus


And, since I have a lot of weekly points left and I really wanted it:


Klondike bar: 7 Points Plus 


Maybe tomorrow I’ll eat a little less junk food.😋

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