On Not Having Goals

Is it strange to embark on a big weight loss endeavor without being motivated much by the end goal?

I know that the highest weight that would put me in the “ideal weight” category is 130 pounds.  But I’m not really longing for that. I know I’ll be happy to see milestones like my pre-baby weight, my wedding weight, my college weight, and my high school weight, but I’m not really longing for them either.

For now, my only real goal is progress, however quickly or slowly it may happen.

This may be because I’m not competitive by nature. It may be because I’ve never felt “gross” or unworthy due to my weight. Or, it may just be because that 130 is so far in the distance that I’d rather just enjoy the trip, without the continual refrain of “are we there yet?”.

I feel better than I did a month ago, and I’m delighted about that. If I feel even better in another month, I’ll be happier still, whether the scale has moved 2 pounds or 10 pounds or not at all.

I realize that many people find goals helpful or motivating, and I think that’s great, and I hope that you reach them all. But so much emphasis is placed on goal weights that I just want to say that if you aren’t particularly goal-oriented, you aren’t alone, and I’d even bet that you and I are not the only two people on Earth who feel the same. 

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