A Day on the Couch

Daily Weight Watchers Points Plus allotment: 42

Points Plus Used: 56

Weekly Points Used: 14

My foot injury has improved a lot since last night, but I think it best to keep the weight off of it today, so I’m mostly just sitting on the couch keeping my foot up.  When necessary I’m hobbling around a little on crutches, but that means I can’t carry anything (foodz) around (’cause my hands are full of crutches).

On weekend days I wake up quite a lot earlier than the rest of the family, so I had to take some extreme measures this morning.


  • 6 rolo minis: 3 Points Plus
  • Diet Mountain Dew: 0 Points Plus
Emergency rations
Yes, just a can of soda, but I want to include even the non-water beverages I drink here, for completeness.

I actually feel a little gross about starting the day that way after not eating healthfully yesterday but I’m going to have to be a little less picky while I’m on the couch. It should really just be a day or two longer, and I don’t want to be a demanding b-nag while my family is taking care of me.  They’re doing a lot already, and I’m just not going to bother them more than necessary.

When everyone had woken up though, we did have an adventurous snaxperiment.  My absolute favorite sandwich is a reuben, so when I saw these in the store the other day I knew I’d have to try them.  My husband is a fan of corned beef too, so I thought I’d surprise him with it on the weekend.


I ate just one. It can be done!

When we opened the bag, it smelled unmistakably of corned beef and sauerkraut. I did not want to waste any points on chips after the rolo incident, so I decided to taste just one.
It tasted pretty much exactly as you would imagine. My overall analysis: reuben with a side of chips: can’t get much better than that; reuben flavored potato chips: nah, I’ll pass.

I’m going to go with:


One potato chip: 0 Points Plus

Saturdays are often our lazy day at home, and usually include bagels from the corner deli while binge watching something on Hulu or Netflix. Today was a raisin bagel with Star Trek: Voyager. Oh yeah, babe.  I bet Janeway likes capers on her bagels.

Lunch: Ginormous deli raisin bagel w/ ALL the cream cheese: 20 Points Plus


  • Honeydew melon: 0 Points Plus
  • Diet raspberry Snapple

By mid afternoon I began to experience a strange sensation: I was tired of sitting around and wanted to get some exercise! I actually can’t wait to get off this couch and onto the Wii fit or out for a walk. I hope this injury recovers as quickly as I think it will.
Well, around 4:00 I was very hungry, but we don’t eat dinner until around 7:00, so I had another

  • 20 Tostitos scoops: 6 Points Plus
  • Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie pack: 3 Points Plus
  • Salsa: 0 Points Plus

Snack Total: 9 Points Plus


Cooking was out of the question, so we ordered pizza. I could have done this a lot more reasonably, but I have a ton of weekly points left, and only two more days to go until my week restarts, so I just let loose and enjoyed.

  • 3 slices Papa John’s original crust pizza with 3 cheese blend, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions: 23 Points Plus
  • Papa John’s ranch dipping sauce, 1 container: 3 Points Plus
  • Diet cherry pepsi: 0 Points Plus

Dinner Total: 26 Points Plus

No big deal. I still have 14 weekly points and 5 activity points left. It’s another day of not particularly healthful eating, but of also not going off plan. Not the best performance, but acceptable for now.

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