The Day of Wrong-Yet-Right

Daily Weight Watchers Points Plus allotment: 42

Points Plus used today: 43

Weekly points used: 1

Activity points earned: 2

I must say I enjoyed the day’s cuisine quite thoroughly. You know how Weight Watchers says that on their plan you can eat anything you want as long as you have the points for it? Well, today I did. There are a lot of non-weight-loss-related reasons not to eat like this every day, but for today it was just right.

Late lunch:

I kept meaning to leave the house way earlier than I did, and I was planning a frappuccino brunch. But I ended up not going out until about 2:00.  And then I saw the lemon cake. Um….

  • Grande caramel frappuccino with whole milk and whipped cream: 12 Points Plus
  • Starbucks iced lemon poundcake: 14 points plus

Lunch Total: 26 Points Plus

And I’m not even mad. Nor at all guilty.  I do realize that this gloriously wrong-yet-right “meal” encompasses the entire daily Points Plus allotment for my further-along brethren. But when I was searching for the lemon cake Points Plus amount, I discovered that Starbucks’ lemon cake pop is only 4 Points Plus, and a tall version of the same drink is 8 Points Plus, so an indulgence pretty similar to this could have been had for less than half the points, and that’s without even sacrificing the whipped cream or switching out the whole milk for skim.  This type of thought process is totally alien to my former way of thinking, and despite the dreamnosh above, allows me to confidently say that Weight Watchers is teaching me good habits. While I don’t yet have to make these switches, when the time comes, not even all at once but quite gradually, I think it will feel quite natural and not at all severe to make these changes.  I Love this gradual process, and I Love being   able to look down the road at a time when I’ll be eating only 60% of what I do now, and rather than feeling intimidated, seeing a pretty clear picture of how it will work, and feeling that I will be ready for it.

I earned 2 activity points walking to Starbucks and the playground, and turned my ankle along the way, so I’m pretty sure those will be the last activity points I earn for some time.

Luckily my husband was able to pick me up at the playground so I didn’t have to hobble home, and he and my daughter picked up some supplies to get me fixed up.

They bought an “instant cold wrap” bandage from CVS. It’s cold without being refrigerated, and is reusable. You just add water to rehydrate it between uses.  I had never heard of this type of bandage before. I was wondering how it works, so I read the label and found that it contains “water, cotton, and proprietary ingredients.” Huh. Could be anything, but it’s sure making my foot feel good.

After they got me set up, they went out for a couple of errands and came home with:
Awesome. It was totally what I needed.


1 Taco Bell smothered burrito (shredded chicken): 17 Points Plus

That’s not even extra cheese. That’s just how they come. Muahaha.

Does it seem crazy that this day was on plan? To me, days like this are exactly what make the Weight Watchers Points Plus system seem like it will be manageable in the long term. Because I, and maybe all humans, are going to have days when their diet becomes a little frivolous , and on Weight Watchers that’s okay, and not even regrettable, and not even unexpected.

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